What! School Starts Next Week!

If you are like me, then the start of school always seems to come sooner than expected.  Projects that need to be finished are half way done, trips to the beach were less than planned, vacation time flew by, and friends coming over happened too infrequently.  But here we are again with school starting regardless of how little was accomplished.

Getting you ready for the new school year is one thing, but getting your child ready is a whole different task that is often met with resistance.  So here is a list of several things both of you can do this week to get ready for the start of the new school year.

  1. Make the morning drive or walk to the bus stop now to know how long it takes to get there.
  2. Repeat the same drive at the return time following the pick-up lines.
  3. Begin this week by getting up at the time you will need to wake up for school.
  4. Do your entire morning routine including making breakfast and lunch as practice.
  5. Clean out the old backpack or lunch boxes.
  6. Sort through old school supplies and make a list of new purchases.
  7. Check your school’s website for school supply lists.
  8. Go through clothes getting rid of clothes too small and making another list of needed clothing.
  9. Organize your closet space so shoes and socks are easy to find.
  10. Check clothing for any missing buttons or hems that need to be taken down.
  11. Go to the store and purchase needed items now before school begins for the best discounts.
  12. Organize your desk or homework space to prepare for upcoming homework.
  13. Run a virus scan on your computer and clean it up in preparation for new assignments.
  14. Make sure your printer has an extra print cartridge.
  15. Review summer reading lists and assignments making sure all papers are completed.
  16. Go on your school’s website and look at after school practice schedules to update your calendar.
  17. Arrange for car pools before school begins.
  18. Print off the master school calendar for the year noting all holidays and half days in advance.
  19. Spend an hour a day on the computer brushing up on a skill such as typing or math.
  20. Do one special thing like seeing a movie, going to the beach or hanging with friends.

If the summer slipped by too fast, there really is no point in dragging out the beginning of the school year in hopes of postponing the inevitable.  Rather now is the time to be thankful for what you did, be thankful for who you did it with and be thankful for another year.

Repairing, restoring, and rebuilding relationships takes time, energy and effort.  If you find yourself needing more help during this process, please call our offices at 407-647-7005 to schedule an appointment.  Or you can send me a quick email at chammond@lifeworksgroup.org.

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