Overcoming the Fear of Happiness | The Exhausted Woman

It may sound silly that a person would be afraid of being happy but it is more common than most realize. There is a type of comfort that comes from believing nothing will change or improve. It requires less energy, can spare future rejection, and avoid disappointment. But this is no way to live. The key to overcoming the fear of happiness lies in understanding how a person got there in the first place. How does it happen? Trauma or other life altering events cause a person to enter the grieving process. Similar to dealing with the death of a person, there can also be the death of a marriage, innocence, a dream, or vocation. At first the reaction is to feel numb, then angry and anxious, and finally depressed. During the darkness, a person has limited emotional responses except for sadness and fear. This curtails the desire for regular activity including things commonly enjoyed in the past. Happiness becomes something for other people, an allusive fantasy reserved only for the naïve. Yet

Source: Overcoming the Fear of Happiness | The Exhausted Woman

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