What Type of Divorce Do You Want | The Exhausted Woman

No one gets married wanting to go through a divorce. But unfortunately it happens even to the best of couples. Irreconcilable differences, affairs, addiction, abuse, or abandonment are some of the reasons a person decides a divorce is the only solution. But before the next move is made, consider these different types of separating. Roll over and play dead. This is the least effective method of divorcing. Basically one spouse controls all aspects of the divorce process while the other spouse gives into the demands. Some wrongly believe that inactivity halts the process. It will not. The result is often litigation at a later date, after the papers have been signed. The silent spouse finally wakes up and realizes the ramifications of not paying attention. This mistake can be very costly in the end. BFF (best friends forever). Most want this type of divorce but in reality very few obtain it. If a couple could get along in marriage, then they would not need a divorce. It is a nice thought

Source: What Type of Divorce Do You Want | The Exhausted Woman

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