Embracing Grief Is a Healthy Way to Move Forward | The Exhausted Woman

Not everyone grieves in the same way.  People have different physical appearances, perspectives, experiences, thoughts, emotions, backgrounds, relationships, and attitudes.  So when it comes to grieving, there are many healthy forms with the exception of one: not grieving. Embracing grief is a willingness to accept the fluctuating emotions, random thoughts, internal struggles, constant questions, and ever shifting environment. But “accept” does not mean enjoy. Grieving is hard work, time consuming, and emotionally draining. Yet it is a necessary part of moving forward even when it is unwelcome. A person can grieve the death of someone they love, the dissolving of a marriage, termination of a career, loss of innocence, the end of a relationship, a transition of a child into adulthood, a debilitating illness/disability, or a traumatic event in their neighborhood/community. Here are the stages of grief which can be done in any order. Most often, people find that they oscillate between

Source: Embracing Grief Is a Healthy Way to Move Forward | The Exhausted Woman

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