7 Ways to Encourage Positive Change | The Exhausted Woman

Ever wonder what makes a person change for the better? The role of a counselor is to encourage healthy change. Many psychology schools teach the concept of unconditional positive regard as an effective method of transformation. The basic principle lies in accepting and supporting a person without judgement regardless of what they say or do. This provides an environment of trust, understanding, and grace which allows a person to grow. It is not easy to do. Many times it means setting aside personal beliefs and preconceived notions while uncomfortably viewing things from the person’s perspective. This is especially true when dealing with personality disorders. However, the initial awkwardness is worth the effort as the person begins to relax and is more open to other perspectives. So how can a parent, employer, spouse, or friend take this simple concept and put it into practice? Here are seven ways to encourage positive change in another person: Compliment. Even small amounts of praise

Source: 7 Ways to Encourage Positive Change | The Exhausted Woman

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