Understanding the Impact of Trauma at Any Age | The Exhausted Woman

Significant trauma can cause PTSD, anxiety, grief, and depression at any age. But it can also have lasting effects even after a person has recovered. A childhood tragedy might lie dormant for many years until triggered by a similar event, person or reaction. Teenage disasters might cripple the growth of a budding adult leaving them perpetually immature. A catastrophe as an adult might spark a negative outcome of a mid-life crisis. Understanding the overall impact of traumatic events at any age can help to identify areas of personal development that need to be addressed. Erik Erikson’s Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development points out the positive and negative impact trauma can have on a person’s life. This chart below serves as a summary of his theory. Here is some basic information to consider: Everyone passes through all the stages as they age. However, the success of one stage is not necessarily dependent on previous stages. The important events are guidelines only and not

Source: Understanding the Impact of Trauma at Any Age | The Exhausted Woman

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