What’s Behind a Narcissistic Rant? | The Exhausted Woman

The conversation begins so normal. There is good flow from one person to the next with each hearing and understanding the topic at hand without any indication of stress. Then out of nowhere, it dramatically shifts. The conversation becomes one sided almost lecture like, the words towards others are harsh and biting intertwined with statements of self-praise, and there is an absence of one discernable topic. It has divulged into a narcissistic rant or better known as verbal vomit. Sometimes the narcissist is aggressive with the attacks like: “You are an idiot,” “You can’t do anything right,” or “You never back me up.” Other times it is passive-aggressive like: “No one shows me love,” “I’m all alone,” or “Nobody cares what I think.” Sandwiched in between are statements like: “When I compare myself to others, I’m better,” “You don’t know how good you have it with me,” “I’m right most of the time,” or “I’m a good person.” The person on the receiving end is caught off guard and fearing even

Source: What’s Behind a Narcissistic Rant? | The Exhausted Woman

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