The Art of Listening to a Teenage Rant | The Exhausted Woman

The complaint from a teenager begins somewhat rational. A project has no real application to a subject matter or life in general. A friend is overly critical when support is needed. Or a teacher instructs only one way leaving kids with different learning styles out in the cold. Then without warning, things escalate into unreasonable. Now school does nothing for students. There are no true friendships. Or everyone wants them to fail. It is in moments like these that many parents attempt to return the conversation back to rational thinking. This is done in a variety of ways such as minimizing what is happening, pointing out the exaggeration, invalidating their teenager’s feelings, or trying to solve the issue at hand. But this does not produce the results a parent wants, rather things either become more intense or the teenager completely shuts down. There is another way. Notice the environment. As strange as it may sound, teenage rants are golden moments. For a short period of time, a

Source: The Art of Listening to a Teenage Rant | The Exhausted Woman

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