How Narcissists and Hurricanes are Alike | The Exhausted Woman

As a twenty-five year resident of Florida, this latest hurricane is the fifth one I’ve lived through. While there have been countless tropical storms and tornados, nothing compares to hurricane force winds, except, of course, narcissists. Their reputation precedes them. If there is ever an ideal time to release a self-deprecating scandal to the news media, it is during the preparations for a hurricane. With reminders of previous hurricanes and their subsequent damage, predictions of the current path and its continual changes, and countless photos of empty shelves, boarded up windows, and abandoned streets, there is an absence of any other news information. Not only does the reputation of a hurricane proceed itself, it dominates. The same is true for narcissists. Anyone who has endured the path of a narcissist knows the best strategy is to prepare ahead of time and listen to the advice of those who have already survived. The calm before the storm. Just prior to a hurricane hitting, the

Source: How Narcissists and Hurricanes are Alike | The Exhausted Woman

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