Lacking Motivation? Try This | The Exhausted Woman

“There’s so little time and so much to do,” are lyrics from Grammy award winner jazz singer and composer Louis Armstrong. As a charismatic trumpet player, his career spanned five decades beginning in the 1920’s. While his can-do philosophy probably inspired the lyrics for the song So Little Time, even people who lack motivation feel the pressure of time and work. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not like a person doesn’t know what needs to be done or lack something to do. Rather it is that they have zero desire to do it.  In fact if a person lined up all the things that need to be done, they could actually spend an entire vacation working and the list still would not be complete. There are clothes in the washer than need to be moved to the dryer so they won’t get mold on them.  There is a report needing to be complete but nothing put on paper makes sense.  There is a crack in the windshield that has been there for days, weeks, months or dare I say years.  There is a good friend going

Source: Lacking Motivation? Try This | The Exhausted Woman

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