Narcissism and Politics: A Match Made In… | The Exhausted Woman

Is it a match made in heaven or hell? Most likely, this depends on your perspective. Either way, it is viewed, narcissism is well rewarded in politics and the political environment seems to like narcissists. That could not have been more evident in the past presidential election. How does this happen? Well, there are several ways the two are an ideal match: Attention seeking. By nature, narcissists are constantly seeking a platform from which to garnish attention. Politicians need attention from voters and the media in order to win elections. The two combined together create a symbiotic relationship of attention seeking behavior. Desire for power. Narcissists love to be in control or in positions of power and influence. Politics is the ultimate power play as just rising to the top indicates a large amount of support. Having a title of authority validates the narcissist’s success and feeds their ego. Superior thinking. Narcissists believe they are superior and therefore can accomplish

Source: Narcissism and Politics: A Match Made In… | The Exhausted Woman

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