Is My Child A Narcissist? | The Exhausted Woman

With the definition and examples of narcissism so prevalent in our culture, it is easy to wonder if a child is a budding narcissist. This is especially concerning when those examples are prominent sports athletes, glorified actors/actresses, or dominate leaders in politics or business that the child admires. So how does a person know if a child is a narcissist? After reading the definition of narcissism, nearly every two year old will appear narcissistic. Most children, however, grow out of the behavior while it seems to linger for others. One of the characteristics is that a child needs to display the signs of narcissism five years prior to their eighteenth birthday in order to meet the full standard. This allows for some parental guidance during childhood so the fullness of the disorder will not manifest. It is important to note that narcissism is half biological and half environmental. So only the half that is environmental is what can be affected. To that end, there is a huge

Source: Is My Child A Narcissist? | The Exhausted Woman

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