How to Come Out of the Abuse Fog | The Exhausted Woman

It finally hit. After years of wondering what was wrong, who was crazy, and how did this happen, the reality of behavior as abusive hits like a ton of bricks. The insight is simultaneously overwhelming, shocking, frustrating, disgusting, and demeaning. But there it is: the answer that was longed for was never fully considered until this moment. Then everything became clear. At first, it seems as if a thousand miles can be seen at once with every small piece falling into place. The intense fear that suddenly appears from the abuser’s glance makes sense. The increase in panic attacks over not responding to a text fast enough to satisfy the abuser is understandable. The constant state of anxiety even at night without any real relief despite numerous efforts and methods becomes transparent. The abuse fog has finally cleared away. This is a precious moment which unfortunately does not last long because neither the circumstances nor the relationship have changed. The temptation is to allow

Source: How to Come Out of the Abuse Fog | The Exhausted Woman

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