How Flattery Can Be Abusive | The Exhausted Woman

It’s easy to identify bullying, intimidation, physical restraint, or molestation as abusive. But what about other, more subtle forms of abuse that seem on the surface to be kind and generous, then are not. Think of it as a mask of deception used to control, manipulate, and eventually abuse. To the outside world the mask may appear to be attractive, but to the person on the receiving end it feels like a hidden form of torture. To be clear, this is not about a compliment, it is about flattery. The difference is quite significant. A compliment is an unconditional gift of praise, whereas flattery is excessive and insincere praise given to win favor. On the surface the praise could look innocent, but in time the deception of flattery is revealed. What does this type of flattery look like? Here are a couple of examples: Flattery on the rocks – “As a wise person, you can see the wisdom in my idea.” This implies that a person is only wise as long as they see the idea as good. Flattery

Source: How Flattery Can Be Abusive | The Exhausted Woman

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