10 Hidden Lies Said about Love | The Exhausted Woman

Cupid arrows, chocolate covered cherries, cute stuffed animals, huge balloons, and red flowers have blossomed all over the stores. There is hardly a store (including gas stations) that has not been inundated with Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. But this does not represent true love. This is romantic fantasy love which is highly elusive. Unfortunately many people have twisted definitions of love born out of dysfunctional parenting, misguided youth, or hurtful connections. These erroneous perceptions of love can do significant damage to an individual, let alone the relationships. Some of the lies may even be hidden in seemingly innocent remarks. The following phrases may be familiar to anyone who has been in an abusive relationship where love is wielded as a weapon. These hidden lies can cause the destruction of a loving relationship. “I’ll show you love when you do what I ask.” Lie: Love is conditional. Lasting love is not based on a person’s performance. Rather, it is grounded in

Source: 10 Hidden Lies Said about Love | The Exhausted Woman

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