Top 10 Misguided Perceptions of Therapy | The Exhausted Woman

Ever wonder what it is like to go see a therapist? Perhaps there is a troubled relationship that is rapidly deteriorating. Or a boss that can’t be satisfied who chooses to verbal assault their employees. Or a traumatic event that never seems to leave current thoughts. Or a recent loss that is so overwhelming, forever changing the future. Therapy is very useful in these cases and can improve a person’s life. But the expectations a person enters into the therapeutic process often limits the ability of the therapist to do their best work. Over the years, clients have shared some misguided perceptions of therapy. Here are a few: “Therapy should make me happy.” The intent of therapy is not ‘make’ a person happy. Happiness is a feeling which can be based on circumstances, outlook, and personality. The real purpose of therapy is to become fully functional, present, and connected in all environments and relationships. “You need to change my … (spouse, kid, parent, or co-worker).” Every person

Source: Top 10 Misguided Perceptions of Therapy | The Exhausted Woman

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