5 Ways Narcissists Smear Others

Being the victim of a narcissistic smear attack is not fun. Rather, it is an intense campaign designed to humiliate an opponent while simultaneously elevating the narcissist. It requires quite a bit of skill, manipulation, and persistence to successfully pull one off. But for the victim, it can be a shocking and damaging experience. In an unwanted pending divorce situation, narcissists will frequently smear their spouse to others while begging for reconciliation. At work, a narcissist might slander a person they believe to be a competitor for a promotion to ensure their success. Or a narcissist’s insults can tear apart the best of friends so they can step into the damaged relationship as a hero. Depending on the situation, a narcissist will use all or some of these six smear tactics. Remember, a narcissist’s greatest fear is to be embarrassed by having their insecurities exposed. Therefore, they will use whatever tactics are necessary to preserve their superior self-image.  For

Source: 5 Ways Narcissists Smear Others

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