What Is a Narcissist? | The Exhausted Woman

The word “Narcissist” has it’s origins in Greek Mythology. Around 8AD, there is a story about a beautiful hunter named Narcissus who was exceptionally proud. In order to expose his arrogance, Nemesis (a long standing rival and the origin of the word nemesis) drew him to a pool of water.  Narcissus, upon seeing his reflection and not realizing it was his own image, became so attracted to himself that he refused to leave. He later died there. Thus, the name Narcissist describes a person who is fixated on themselves. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) takes it root from the same name. Here is a practical definition: Believes they better and/or superior to others, Fantasizes about their unlimited power, success, and attractiveness, Exaggerates their achievements and talents, Expects constant praise and admiration from others, Believes they are special and can only associate with other special people, Shows little to no empathy for others, Expects others to go along with their ideas

Source: What Is a Narcissist? | The Exhausted Woman

One thought on “What Is a Narcissist? | The Exhausted Woman

  1. There is nothing more exhausting and exasperating then to try as a Christian to forgive the narcissist. The only way is to realize how sick they are and to take pity on them in spite of their cruelty and ruthlessness. It is very difficult to keep Faith in a loving God who, in spite of years of prayer asking Him to deliver me from the wrath and abuses of my narcissistic father, my prayers are answered by giving me cancer. That is my cross to bear. I give thanks for all things. Suffering makes saints of us all. When the narcissist alleviates his suffering by projecting it onto others. The best way to deal with a narcissist is to be as polite as possible and to say as little as possible, though it is tempting to lash out with all the truths he needs to hear. But we know they fall on deaf ears. Yes, the exhausted woman. Exhausted beyond comprehension.

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