10 Divorce Precepts to Understand Before Filing

Making the transition from marriage to pre-divorce is difficult. It’s a journey that no one strives to experience and yet so many find themselves beginning the walk. Just to be clear, this article is not about whether or not a person should divorce, rather it simply addresses the fact that so many marriages do separate. The problem is that because a person doesn’t plan for divorce, some of the basic precepts about it are never assimilated. And advice from other’s divorce experience is not always helpful or useful. So, whether a person is making the decision to divorce or is being forced into making a decision about divorce, the guidelines are the same. Divorce is a business. There are professionals who specialize in working through a divorce. They know what they are doing having experienced a wide range of divorces. Each divorce is as unique as the individuals who made up the marriage. The dynamic of the divorce is very much influenced by the personality, character, and dysfunction of

Source: 10 Divorce Precepts to Understand Before Filing

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