10 Psychological Benefits to Moving

Sorting, packing, transporting, unpacking, and organizing all belongings can be a daunting task. The process takes much longer than anticipated as decisions about the status of each item can be made several times before finalizing. It drains mental, emotional and of course physical energy leaving a person exhausted. Most moves are predicated by some necessity in life such as a change in family size, new vocational opportunity, or an investment possibility. While the task of moving is tedious, there are also some psychological benefits. Simplifies life. The end goal of a move is to simplify life in some manner. Whether it is to move closer to work, family, school, or neighborhood, the idea is that life will be easier in some fashion. This type of streamlining can reduce tension and stress. Role shifts. New environments generate an opportunity to adjust and eliminate old and unwanted roles. This is a chance to branch out and become a better version of self without the construction of a

Source: 10 Psychological Benefits to Moving

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