2 thoughts on “Christine Hammond

  1. Hi i am laura, i am struggling after a 2 yr pursuit from my boss who mentally abused me and harrased me.
    My boss is a chair in hospital and upon my disclosure i have fought to save myself.
    I cant put into words what i have been through and still speak to people in patches.
    The anxiety has affected my life horribly and for 4 months after i was fired he called my phone to hear my voice until i told my attorney.
    He was obsessed!!
    He had fired and removed CMO of joint clinic when i used him as a deflector, i told his wife who knew upon my first week of hire that her husband was obsessed.
    His secretary of 30 years allowed his relentless pursuit.
    I still feel depressed but cant tell my psych as he works at same hospital so i only see him in emergancies as i dont want to be the blame for his job loss.

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