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Psychology is simply the study of human behavior.  It is fascinating for me to observe a person’s behavior whether through direct communication such as talking or indirect communication such as playing.  Why a person does what they do, says what they say, thinks how they think, or feels how they feel is a never-ending curiosity of mine.  Better than that is the ability to challenge such actions, words, thoughts or feelings for the purpose of bringing a person to a place of restoration and peace.  Yet, no one knows and understands human behavior better than God and without Him true restoration and peace are not achieved.  For me, it is inconceivable to separate God from the study of human behavior as He is the Creator of both.

However, many psychologists and theorist have done just that, separate God from human behavior.  I do not.  Therefore this section is an attempt to integrate Biblical truths with the study of human behavior.  But to begin such an endeavor without acknowledging some of my basic beliefs would be frustrating for anyone reading this section.  So here is a list of my basic beliefs upon which all of the writings on this blog will be subscribing.  It is by no means totally inclusive or exclusive list as I am still growing and will need to add or delete as pertinent.

  • The Bible is the complete inspired word of God and is entirely truthful.
  • Man is born of a sinful nature and therefore does not begin sinless or have  a blank slate.
  • Jesus Christ is the son of the living God who has risen from the dead and offers the only means of salvation through a relationship with Him.
  • God created both man and woman in His image using two different means to highlight the differences between men and women.
  • God is the creator of marriage when He joined Adam and Eve.
  • Earth is not our home, Heaven is and as such man continually feels misplaced.
  • God created each person for a specific purpose to reflect His image here on earth.
  • Only God knows the nature of a person’s heart but evidence can be found in a person’s life through their actions, behaviors, and words.
  • The Trinity is made up of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  All have an active and important role.
  • Satan is real, dwelling here on earth and will be bound by Jesus at the end of time.
  • Truth is found in the Bible and through the observation of nature.

Lest the picture confuse you, I see Psychology not as an equal partner to Christianity, but rather as the baby’s hand trying to grasp the Father’s hand.  Psychology is a small part of a much bigger picture, not the other way around.  If there is a topic that you would like to hear more about, just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to respond.

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